PostNL Shipping

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Delivery & Pickup options

How can i activate delivery & pickup options inside my store?

Shopify has the following requirement in place for adding the PostNL carrier:

  • It is on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher.
  • Its Shopify plan is paid annually.
  • It is a development store.

If you are on a lower plan than Advanced Shopify, but your plan is paid annually you need to contact Shopify Support to activate this for you. You can ask them this:

Hello Shopify Support,

Could you please active third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates for our shop? The link is <XXXXX>

If your plan if below Advanced Shopify, and your plan isn't paid yearly, you can also ask to activate it, but Shopify will ask a monthly fee of $20 for this.

If your plan meets these requirements, but you don't see the methods, please contact us.

API credentials

Where can i find my PostNL API credentials?

You need to register yourself as a client of PostNL. This process is free of charge. You can register yourself here:
If you are already a PostNL customer you can request an API key on this page:

If you have an account manager you can always ask them for more information.

Product Codes

For my business i need PostNL Product Code XXXX, can you add this?

It depends on the product code, but we can add the most product codes. Reach out to us with your request and we will inform you what the options are. For a full list of PostNL Products you can view this page: